SHROOMIES – Cookies and Cream Chocolate Mushroom Edibles (3000mg)


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Cookies and Cream, the dynamic power couple worth trying. Divided into four squares, these psilocybin-infused chocolates are convenient because of their easy dose nature. Ranging in both potency and flavor, these allow for flexible methods of microdosing or plain enjoyment. These chocolate bars are infused with Golden Teacher mushrooms which are known for their reliable trip and are often the gateway shroom for newbies. They’re commonly used for gaining new insight about yourself and the universe due to their spiritual and shamanic effects.

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Cookies Cream Chocolate Mushroom Edibles.

Cream-Chocolate Mushroom Edibles Online. A magic mushroom chocolate bar is not only a delicious treat, but it also offers various benefits. Our chocolate bar is prepared to launch you into space, first and foremost.

It follows that all you need to do is unwrap the bar and begin munching. The ease of use is unparalleled.

You could be saying right about now, “I can already do that with regular dry mushrooms.” Our chocolate bar is different in that it lessens the likelihood of an upset stomach.

Eating dried mushrooms raw can cause unpleasant symptoms like nausea, according to many psychonauts. This is so because chitin, which is difficult to digest, makes up the cell walls of mushrooms.

Making magic mushroom tea or using the lemon tek are two common ways that trippers get past this issue. Although a

A much more scrumptious and opulent way to eat mushies is with the Magic Mushroom Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bar.

Effects of Magic Mushroom Cookies & Cream Bars

The flavor is the only distinction between our magic mushroom chocolate bar and dried mushrooms. This implies that our chocolate bar will provide you all the benefits of mushrooms that you enjoy.


We took care to select a strain with a variety of effects and a balanced profile. We didn’t want to add anything that was overly powerful or overpowering.


The experience will be extremely joyful, easygoing, creative, and energizing. There won’t be any acute contemplation or an overpowering body high.


You may see some visuals, such as geometric shapes, colorful splashes in your field of vision, and the well-known breathing effect, with greater doses.

Recreational Use of the Magic Mushroom Cookies & Cream Chocolate Bar
The recreational experience was considered when creating these chocolate bars. What better way to enjoy yourself than to start with a delicious treat?

To begin with, dosing out with our chocolate bar is remarkably simple. You won’t need to worry about taking too much or pack a scale.

You will be able to determine your dose whether you’re in a forest, on the beach, or in the middle of a desert.

Our magic mushroom chocolate bar is a terrific treat for going outside and experiencing nature. You’ll be overcome with delight and awe as you take in the breathtaking scenery.

You’ll also experience a strong bond with people and the environment.

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