Psilocybe Cubensis: B+


Psilocybe Cubensis B plus A very popular strain amongst both experienced and newer users, the B+ is considered a good “all-around” trip for various applications; offering a warm visual trip without being overbearing when proper dosages are taken. One of the largest species of the cubes family, B+ have thicker stems and larger caps than our similar offering the

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BUY Psilocybe Cubensis B online.  B+ The psilocybe cubensis family is notable for having some of the broadest caps, including mushrooms. This strain is renowned for producing some of the warmest visual and spiritual highs, and it is also well known for its favorable evaluations. It is a universal and adaptable mushroom. Recommended for both newcomers and seasoned psychonauts.

One of the most well-known and well-liked Psilocybe Cubensis to date is B+ magic mushrooms. It is a well-liked variety among novice mycologists and first-time trippers. It has the highest sales volume since the 1990s. A grower named Mr. G, who was looking to create a Magic Mushroom strain for increasing mood and feeling excitement and pleasure, initially discovered this strain in Florida.

Guidelines for dosage

dosage for inspiration: 0.5 to 1.25 grams

1.5 to 2 grams, medium recreational dose

2 to 3.5 grams is the full recreational dose.

!!Caution!! Alcohol and other anti-depression drugs (SSRI) should not be combined with magic mushroom products since they either mute or entirely prevent the experience.

Keep the product at room temperature and out of direct sunlight in a dry atmosphere. Keep youngsters and pets out of the way as well.

Growing b+ mushrooms

Mushrooms grade B+ can be grown in numerous ways. It is easiest to utilize a commercially available, pre-inoculated grow kit, especially for novices. But more experienced growers have a lot of other choices. There are grow kits available without mycelium inoculation (bottles of liquid culture come with the kit or can be ordered separately). Alternatively, you might start fresh by combining and sterilizing the substrate at home and inoculating it with a culture made from spores. While starting from scratch necessitates a little more expertise, the results are more reliable.

when to pick mushrooms grade B+

When should magic mushrooms from a grow kit be harvested? The mushroom will not have grown to its full potential if it is picked too soon. If you pick too late, the substrate is completely coated in black spores.

When do I harvest my gorgeous mushrooms? is a question that clients of the Magic Mushrooms Shop frequently ask. Therefore, we are happy to provide guidance on when and how to harvest!

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