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Flower mate aura Online: Flower mate air of secrecy online. The charisma is an extremely-transportable pen-fashion evaporator, designed for both dry materials and beverages.

The flower mate charisma is one of the smallest alternatives available in the portable marketplace. It features a dynamic tank switching capability that permits customers to vaporize herbs inside the dry ceramic chamber and concentrates in the cotton-prepared wax tank. About the scale of a magic marker, the air of mystery features a made-over airflow machine and a digital display. A flower-made aura is a choice that needs your interest.

Maximize your enjoyment whilst you use the air of secrecy. Flowermate has a line of the most advantageous multi-use aromatherapy gadgets.

She is presenting an advanced ceramic heating chamber with a complete modular temperature range for herbs, waxy, and oil.


Flowermate has made its call on cost-orientated designs that offer entry-stage customers an opportunity to enjoy the amazing vapor. This time, they’ve released the flower mate air of secrecy, a portable vaporizer pen that emphasizes portability. Due in component to their renewed airflow gadget, there is no possibility of combustion and the device presents a hundred% natural vapor. Thanks to their conductive heating machine that limits the warmth of the vapor that reaches the person. Usually, the smoke has a clean taste despite the plastic housing. This tool has a solid sense and even comes with a virtual display to help hold tabs to your vaporizing temperature. The flower mate air of mystery is one of the stealthiest gadgets around and nonetheless manages to percent a lot of energy into a small package.

Handheld precision

Flower mate aura Online, Being the same size as a marker pen, the flower mate air of secrecy packs in a variety of energy. It comes with a remote air direction, which means you will handiest ever taste your herbs. Flowermate went lower back to the drawing board with this product and came back with an air route device that features “7 airflow jets” for efficient and pressing extraction. Both the jets and the covered chamber are large and extra strong than the ones discovered inside the authentic flower mate. All of the airpath components are located far away from the technical innards of the air of secrecy, just like the battery and other electronics.

Double-obligation pen

Flowermate had the foresight to encompass two extraordinary chambers or “tanks” for vaporizing herbs or concentrates. The advantage here is that you don’t ought to address the messy enterprise of the usage of one chamber to load each of your herbs and wax/oils. The wax tank includes a built-in swab of natural cotton that without difficulty adheres to your concentrates and cuts down on waste and mess. Both of these chambers may be pre-crammed and brought with you so that you don’t need to load your tool in the open. Again, the number one cognizance of the air of mystery is portable convenience.

  • The virtual show will increase precision and allows the person to sing into the precise temperature performance.
  • The charisma is green and has an extraordinary battery lifestyle; a true gem from the flower mate line.
  • One of the maximum vital features of a vaporizer is the capability to decide the temperature. With the aura, that’s no trouble, and an LCD show lets you effortlessly set the desired temperature between fortyºc and 230ºc.
  • The flower mate air of mystery needs less than a minute to heat up so you can evaporate whenever and anywhere while not having to attend lengthily.


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