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Buy White Rhino Online: White Rhino is an indica heavy (eighty%) hybrid, bred by crossing White Widow with an unknown indica strain. This has left it with a full-size quantity of THC averaging 18-20% and capable of achieving up to 25%. This variety carries low tiers of CBD and CBN normally nicely underneath 1%.


Anticipate nothing much less than a powerful indica-style stone when using White Rhino. The outcomes can take a few moments to take keep however won’t let move after they do. A rush of euphoria signals the beginning of the high, quickly accompanied by the aid of deep body rest. Sleepiness and couch lock regularly observe making this a good recommendation for the evening and nighttime use. The energy of the body-numbing consequences has made this a famous preference for people seeking ache alleviation and help with insomnia.


White Rhino seeds are a wonderful choice for any budding grower. The vegetation is compact and may without difficulty be kept to heights of 100-180cm. No longer best is White Rhino smooth to grow but it also offers big yields of 500-900g/m2 indoors and as much as 1200g in step with plant exterior! Even higher, these massive hauls will be ready after a flowering time of just eight-10 weeks with outdoor harvests equipped via mid-autumn.

Look & Aroma

Buy White Rhino Online, White Rhino turned named in part for its extraordinary horn-formed peak which rises out from dense groups of emerald inexperienced leaves. Overlaying the stocky flowers are large clusters of light green buds which appear extra white or silver in an inexperienced way to the thick coating of glassy trichomes. The aroma is powered by the smelly earthy scents of hardwood trees with a mild syrupy sweetness inside the historical past.

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