420 mail order usa. Boasting a coilless double wall thermal cup, the #ThisThingRips ReMIX Vaporizer rethinks the vape pen. This sophisticated vape pen is designed for botanical wax enthusiasts and is equipped with a powerful 6500 micro amp battery and an advanced airflow system for large, flavorful clouds. The stealthy R Series ReMIX features an uber-discreet design for on-the-go sessions. Smart battery technology remembers the last voltage setting.

The #ThisThingRips ReMIX features a 6500 micro amp battery with a microchip processor which holds twice the charge. Built for quick sessions while on the move, the battery’s innovative “Set It & Forget It” technology remembers the last temperature setting. Single button functionality makes managing power, temperature setting, and draw quick and simple. A pen cap disguises the ReMIX to enhance discretion, and easily pops off to reveal a laser-red visual reaction chamber to watch vapor production. 420 mail order usa

The #ThisThingRips ReMIX Vaporizer comes with two coilless double wall thermal cups, a new feature that ensures even heating and perfect temperature maintenance for consistent vaping sessions. Made of inert ceramic, the thermal cup doubles up on conductivity to emphasize smooth and flavorful vapor. A direct quad airflow system increases airflow to produce large, milky hits with full botanical flavor. Sleek and lightweight, the ReMIX fits into the palm of the hand, perfect for discreet draws. 420 mail order usa

Every order comes with a #ThisThingRips ReMIX Battery, 2 Ceramic Thermal Cup Atomizers, a Discreet Pen Cap, an XL Polycarbonate Visual Reaction Chamber, a Mouthpiece, an XXL Patented SURE-GRIP Silicone Jar, 2 Cleaning Wipes, 2 Silicone Heat Rings, a Stainless Steel Tool, a USB Hyper-Charging Cable, and an Instruction Manual. To recharge the battery, simply plug the USB charging cable into the ReMIX battery, and plug the USB device into any USB port. Thanks to the ReMIX’s Rip N’ Charge technology, vaping is possible even while the battery is charging. smoke shop online wholesale

Vaporizes like the #ThisThingRips ReMIX appeal to botanical consumers seeking a safe inhalation method. Vaporizers safely heat botanical materials up to their boiling points, producing clean and pure clouds of botanical vapor that are free of toxins. By avoiding combustion, the vapor created from vaporizers like the ReMIX is gentle on the lungs and throat.  smoke shop online wholesale

All vaporizers ship separately.


About #ThisThingRips

Found in 2011, #ThisThingRips produces cutting-edge portable vaporizers at competitive prices. Made of high-quality materials, their high-quality vape pens feature advanced vaping technologies while touting discreet designs for portability. smoke shop online wholesale



BUY THISTHINGRIPS REMIX VAPORIZER: From the remarkable minds at #thisthingrips comes the cutting-edge evolutionary level in their lineup of famous vape pens, the r collection remix. Reduce from the equal cloth as # ttr’s roiled and og wax pens, but with revolutionary new upgrades, the remix lives as much as its call by means of rethinking the vape pen. With an upgraded heating chamber, superior airflow system, and uber-discreet design, this vape pen is ideal for wax concentrate lovers who spend more time on the run than tucked in at domestic. In quick, the r series remix is a low-cost but state-of-the-art wax pen that packs fashion, performance, and restraint into one compact unit.

Ceramic plate atomizer

We ought to make a factor of explaining this atomizer – they name it a “ceramic thermal cup.” I ought to point out that the manner they word things uses a whole lot of hyperbole. This time period makes you watch that the cup itself receives warm, but it’s simply the ceramic plate at the lowest that heats up. This atomizer uses the precise equal cup as the alternative atomizer, so there’s no development or exchange within the cup.

The ceramic plate no longer absolutely covers the lowest and has to clearly be a lot decrease. Wax melts and slides down below it because of the high placement. A few could be misplaced and wasted.


BUY THISTHINGRIPS REMIX VAPORIZER, In conjunction with the atomizers, it includes a 650mah battery and has 3 settings. Like this factor rips r2 collection, the remix expenses via a normal micro USB cable.

The 3 settings are blue–low, orange–medium, and purple–high. Don’t be surprised when the colors don’t comply with the normal order though (low -> medium -> excessive), because they move backward (high/red -> medium/orange -> low/blue).

Our other gripes with the remix are simply identical ones as all this element rips ordinary pens. For you to load it up, you need to unscrew the crimson plastic chamber a couple of times – each time. The opposite is a criticism that each coil-less vape pen must deal with – they get first-rate hot on the outside.

Ease of use

This aspect of the rips remix works exactly like maximum vape pens: fill coil with fabric, pick out temperature, press button, inhale. The disturbing component is the threading on the plastic. You need to unscrew a totally lengthy thread whenever you need to reload.

The USB charging attachment on the bottom is pretty beneficial even though.


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