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Jack was a very popular strain in Amsterdam in 2001, however, the breeders of this variety encountered a problem.

The original mother from which the clones were taken, was dying.

Through dedication and special breeding techniques, they managed to recover the original genetics.


Jack develops fragrant buds with a THC content of 18-19%. The highs are strong and long-lasting.

AppleJack produces solid yields, which can be harvested after the plants have been flowering for 9 weeks.

Because the plants comprise genetics from Jack Herer and White Widow,

the flavors and aromas developed during the flowering stage are very versatile.

AppleJack is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cannabis plantations


Buy Apple Jack Online: Apple Jack is a hybrid marijuana strain made with the aid of crossing Jack Herer and White Widow. This effective strain gives uplifting and soothing results. Apple Jack is good for scientific marijuana sufferers and clients coping with chronic aches or nausea. This strain features a taste profile this is skunky and earthy with undertones of sliced apple.

About this Hybrid strain

Most cannabis vegetation gets their names from a few inherent qualities they own. Apple Jack is no one-of-a-kind: its buds smell like freshly sliced apples picked from grandma’s backyard.

This one’s a near-ideal hybrid, with genetics that straddles the 50/50 line between sativa and indica dominance. Its THC content material commonly hovers over the 20% mark, and it strikes a nice balance among the cerebral traits expected from a sativa even as also conferring the body excessive feature of an indica. CBD degrees normally come in around 0.1%.

Apple Jack is a first-rate pressure for those trying to raise while ultimately useful. Its excessive is both cognitively stimulating while additionally enjoyable, so those searching for a creative kick may additionally need to try out this strain. The excessive influences glad mind and may result in some long, talkative smoking classes. The frame excessive is somewhat tingly and electrifying, so it’s pleasant to shop this one for social use rather than for strict scientific packages. But, the body buzz may be sufficient for some minor ache remedy.

Aspect consequences encompass drowsiness that may prove antithetical to smoking with buddies.

Standard results

Buy Apple Jack Online, For all of us who suffer from temper or attention issues such as stress, despair, bipolar, or ADHD, this pressure gives you the capability to streamline your mind and permit negativity to fall by using the wayside. You’ll sense uplifted, yet at ease, making it ideal for signs and symptoms of the above illnesses. Due to its noticeably active nature, that is an incredible strain for everybody laid low with continual fatigue or clinical exhaustion. The CBD stages of this stress are nearly too low to measure and consequently, it isn’t always endorsed for anyone who requires CBD for remedy.

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