Ecuador cubensis: potency, ride consequences, Dosage & developing

Buy Ecuador cubensis Online: Ecuador cubensis, or the Ecuadorian magic mushroom, refers to Ecuadorian pressure of the widely known species of the psilocybin-containing mushroom Psilocybe cubensis. The Ecuadorian cubensis no longer appear to be morphologically or ordinarily one-of-a-kind from Psilocybe cubensis, arguably the maximum majestic of all Psilocybes. Each of these mushrooms is without difficulty recognizable by way of their massive length, bell-fashioned cap with golden color, properly-shaped and persisting ring, the bluing response of stem and veil upon bruising, and love for nicely-manured fields.

The principal difference between those units aside from the Ecuador cubensis from other psilocybin mushroom species is their psilocybin and psilocin content. Ecuador cubensis is usually recommended to be one of the most powerful hallucinogenic psilocybin-containing mushrooms.

The taxonomic records of the Ecuadorian stress are unfortunately unavailable but the Psilocybe cubensis became first discovered by the Spaniards in the course of the age of colonialism and turned taxonomically categorized at some stage in the 1900s. Considering then Psilocybe cubensis has emerged as a broadly cultivated psilocybe-containing mushroom in the course of the world due to its ease of cultivation and slight hallucinogenic efficiency. The Ecuadorian cubensis is a far lesser recognized and cultivated strain, but it stocks the hallucinogenic and simplicity of cultivation of its ancestor.

Identification and outline

As already stated, Ecuadorian cubensis stress no longer fluctuates from Psilocybe cubensis morphologically. Therefore identification and description of P. Cubensis can also be applied to Ecuador cubensis.

Buy Ecuador cubensis Online, The various Psilocybe mushrooms can be pretty difficult to tell aside from each other as well as from other comparable genera which include Galerina, Hypholoma, and Stropharia. This misidentification and confusion of this species as carefully akin to toxic species is the principal danger. Consequently, being familiar with the macroscopic and microscopic morphologic capabilities of the Ecuadorian psilocybe could be very critical for safety. It’s also important to note that the

Cap: The cap of this species is 2 to 8cm across in diameter. It’s far conical to bell-formed with a relevant knob, or umbo, at the start. However, with age, the cap expands turning from convex to widely convex and finally flat-topped with or without the umbo. The coloration of the cap in young mushrooms is chestnut or cinnamon-brown, turning into light or golden brown at maturity. The floor of the cap is viscid to clean while moist however dries swiftly. The veil frequently leaves behind spotted remnants on the cap, which have a tendency to vanish with time, leaving behind an overall clean surface.

Flesh: in addition to different psilocybes, the flesh of this species demonstrates a bluing reaction when damaged or bruised.

Gills: The gills are narrow, near, and attached to the stem with a notch on the point of attachment. For your fruiting bodies, the gills are gray, but they turn out to be purplish-grey to nearly black with awesome white edges with age.

Stem:  The stem is 5 to 15cm tall and 5 to 15mm thick, with a widening towards the bottom in most specimens. The stem is smooth and mostly white however might also take on a yellow discoloration. The stem additionally demonstrates a bluing response when broken or bruised.

Ring: The Ecuadorian cubensis is characterized by way of a partial veil that leaves behind a continual membranous ring on the upper portion of the stem. The hoop is white, but bruises blue similar to the cap and stem.

Spores: The spores of this species are subellipsoid, and eleven.5-17µm by means of eight-11µm in dimension.

Spore Print: The spore print of the Ecuadorian cubensis is purplish brown

Edibility: even though this mushroom is suitable for eating, it’s miles fairly hallucinogenic causing confusion, delirium, advert visible disturbances.

Habitat: This species is understood to be coprophilic meaning that it loves manure. Therefore it may maximum normally be observed growing scattered or gregarious on grassy meadows, totally on livestock, horse, or other animal dung, or on well-manured fields all through spring, summer season, and fall. Most growth however happens within two months earlier than the freshest time of the yr.

Range: The Ecuadorian cubensis is thought to grow inside the excessive-altitude areas (over a thousand meters) of the Andes mountains.


Despite the fact that Ecuador cubensis have to be differentiated from other psilocybe-containing species in addition to its absolutely identical counterpart P. Subcubensis, the maximum important differentiation must be made between this species and similar-performing poisonous species. One such species is Galerina autumnalis.


Buy Ecuador cubensis Online, The Ecuadorian cubensis is of slight to strong comparative efficiency on the psychometric scale. But, it should be emphasized that the efficiency of any given mushroom is dependent on the state of the mushroom(uncooked vs dried), mode of intake, individual physiologic sensitivity in addition to strategies, and the surroundings of growth.

The precise psilocin and psilocybin content of Ecuador cubensis is unavailable.  But, we know that is ideal to be of relatively the same or barely stronger efficiency than Psilocybe cubensis. Consequently, it could be assumed that the contents of psilocin and psilocybin inside the Ecuadorian strain can be somewhere in the variety or slightly better than zero.15-0.63% and 0.11-zero.50% respectively, as these had been decided to be the psilocybin and psilocin contents of P. Cubensis by using numerous mycologists in studies carried out at some point of the 1990s. Furthermore, it appears that artificially cultivated mushrooms seem to be more potent when compared to mushrooms accumulated in the wild.

As it is glaring, the potency of these mushrooms may be extraordinarily variable, and is, consequently, satisfactory to err on the facet of warning and usually start with small quantities. Do not forget you can constantly take extra, but you couldn’t take much less.


The dosage of psilocybin-containing mushrooms could be very difficult to calculate as a first-rate degree of variability exists inside the psilocybin content of individual samples. Moreover, outstanding variability exists in response to psilocybin dosages across individuals. This variability is dependent, not handiest on physiologic factors of absorption and metabolism but additionally on more-pharmacological factors together with the intellectual kingdom and environment, which are regularly known as “set and setting”. One latest study from the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Johns Hopkins College Faculty of Drugs appears to suggest that fixed doses ranging from 23-27mg or weight-adjusted doses starting from 20-30mg per 70kg are suitable for pharmacotherapeutic use. Even as however, different researchers have used very low doses of psilocybin at 1-three mg in step with 70 kg. Whether these macro or micro–dosages will be suitable for recreational use is unknown, however, they could in reality be used as a place to begin from which adjustments may be made to acquire the desired impact. As a general rule beginning with 1-3 mg in line with 70 kg is really useful.

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